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Getech Limited

UK’s premier Thin Client technology distributors, Getech Ltd, upgrade their internal server room cooling systems with a Pitkin & Ruddock installed, fully managed solution.

Based in the heart of Suffolk, Getech is one of the UK’s premier Thin Client technology distributors, providing essential hardware and cloud based solutions to UK resellers and the education sector. Via cutting edge technology, their aim is to deliver server management and storage solutions to resellers for deployment. With value added services and on-going support, they also provide consultation and implementation strategies to UK Resellers nationally, ensuring continual business development opportunities for their clients and end users.

As part of a planned refurbishment of Getech’s Head Office premises, Pitkin & Ruddock’s first task was to design, install and commission new air-conditioning system into the meeting room area. Impressed by the services provided, the engineering team were invited back to assist with the server room environment cooling systems which desperately needed upgrading. The installation of streamlined, ultra efficient Mitsubishi Electric PKA100 unit to replace three old legacy units was perfect, providing 10kw capacity operation these units are some of the best compact, large room units in the industry. The installation of this single highly efficient unit enabled further decommission of two large and unsightly external condensing units from the front of the building allowing a single compact condensing unit to be installed to the rear of the building together with the other plant. Improved server environment, improved building aesthetics, centralisation of building plant.

Server room environments are usually 24 hour operations, and Getech’s internal technology core was no exception. Throughout the decommission, installation and recommission processes, it was imperative that the server room temperature and environment was kept cool and constant. Pitkin & Ruddock’s mobile ‘move and cool’ unit was utilised to assist whilst these essential works were carried out. Relocating the pipe feed to run the length of the warehouse to the rear of the building and connect with an electricity supply that was also fed from another direction was a logistical challenge, but working together with the refurbishment team and specialist electricians Pitkin & Ruddock were able to deliver everything according to their Clients requirements.

Peter Lough, General Manager at Getech Ltd was delighted “After a lot of research Pitkin and Ruddock were selected as the air conditioning contractor to carry out moves, changes and new installations to our air conditioning systems whilst major refurbishments were being carried out at our head office in Ipswich, they proved to be the ideal partner to  both ourselves and the company selected to  carry out the refit and refurbishment of our premises,  being flexible enough to work within  tight time constraints and within the different phases of work. The engineers were always clean tidy and efficient in their work the technical sales and project management was excellent and extremely helpful over the period of the 3 month project,  so much so Getech Ltd have now awarded Pitkin and Ruddock a 3 year contract for our air conditioning maintenance.”

Our specialist trained installation engineers completed the work on time and within budget whilst working alongside other trades people. Pitkin & Ruddock heavily invest in its own staff training, we work closely with manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric, continually training our engineers to ensure they’re equipped with the best knowledge of our products and the skills necessary for precision installations.
Pitkin & Ruddock are delighted to be continuing their relationship with Getech Ltd and will be maintaining all their systems going forward to ensure they remain clean, efficient and working optimally.

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