Local Primary School - Client Case Study

Heat recovery ventilation installation system for a school IT classroom.


Local Primary School


East Anglia

Project type:

Heat recovery ventilation system installation for a school IT classroom.


Since the Covid pandemic, effective ventilation in school classrooms has become even more important. Effective classroom ventilation not only improves air quality, but can also increase pupil productivity.

The need for effective ventilation in the classroom is further compounded when that classroom is a fully enclosed IT room, with no outside windows or natural ventilation. Banks of desktop computers and monitors will generate a significant amount of heat, creating a warm and stuffy classroom environment that’s not ideal for concentration and learning.


Recognising they had an issue with ventilation and cooling in their IT classroom, a local primary school commissioned Pitkin & Ruddock to develop an effective solution. To provide ventilation we supplied and installed a Mitsubishi Lossnay heat recovery ventilation system, complete with insulated and weather proofed external ductwork; and for temperature control we installed a wall mounted A/C split.

What the client says:

“Pitkin & Ruddock, and their sub-contractors, carried out the works in a very professional manner, and we are very pleased with the end results.”

Local Authority Governor