East Coast College - Client Case Study

Installing a more modern Air Handling Unit (AHU) that would reduce energy consumption and operating costs.


East Coast College


Lowestoft Campus

Project type:

Installing an Air Handling Unit (AHU) for college survival pool

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East Coast College’s Environmental Survival Pool is used to simulate hostile sea conditions in controlled safety. The test environment introduces wind,
waves, rain, varying visibility and a range of sound effects that allow servicemen and offshore industry personnel to gain sea survival skills.


The environmental conditions simulated in the pool create a challenge for managing humidity and temperature. Pitkin & Ruddock installed the original Dantherm Air Handling Unit 32 years ago, and have maintained it ever since. However, that unit recently reached the end of it’s life and needed to be replaced with a modern unit system that would reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Other Challenges & Solutions:

One of the main issues the team had to deal with was access. It was a tight squeeze, with a narrow opening that only allowed 20mm top and sides. The unit manufactured in 3 sections which allowed us to crane up, manoeuvre into final position and bolt into place.

As with many Pitkin & Ruddock projects, we used local trades like Apex Scaffolding, GRS mechanical and Wavetrade to carry out the works. Local supplier Storm Vent Supplies (SVS) was used for materials and ductwork was fabricated by Eastern Hardware.


  • System uses energy efficient EC fans and the total power consumption is approximately 1/3rd of its predecessor.
  • Coated for protection against sea air. (1.3Km to the sea.)
  • Marine grade Aluminium Grille.
  • Heating via the LPHW coil.
  • Controller is an intelligent colour 9” touch screen with built in BMS integration and run data showing fan speed, air volume, temperature and humidity.