Pitkin & Ruddock provide complete temperature control solutions for vessels within the Marine sector, including the specialist design and installation of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation systems. Plus, servicing and supplying spares.

The Marine sector provides some unique challenges for A/C and Refrigeration installation, and is very different from a typical office or commercial environment.

Work is very weather-dependent. This means that, due to limited working windows between weather days, various trades are often working simultaneously in a small space, .

Importantly, the Marine sector is a high hazard environment, with risks including working at height, around deep water and working with moving machinery. This requires the use of specialist PPE, such as lifejackets, which can be restrictive.

Air Conditoning installation on windfarm crew vessel

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Air Condtioning services for offshore supply vessels, Lowestoft

Our work within the Marine sector:

Pitkin & Ruddock’s Marine sector activity includes Air Conditioning installation and servicing for offshore supply vessels (OSV). These vessels operate in a wide range of climates, and often harsh weather conditions. So effective A/C is essential for ensuring a comfortable environment for the crew, and maintaining the operational efficiency of onboard equipment.

Marine vessels we work on:

  • Offshore Supply vessels (OSV) – supplying equipment and materials
  • Windfarm boats – crew transfers

Marine vessel areas we install into:

  • Cold rooms and cabinets
  • Bridge and cabin areas
  • Containers (placed on vessels as permanent structures)

Requirements within the Marine sector:

  • Certain equipment on OSVs requires specific temperature ranges to operate efficiently.
  • Air Conditioning systems help prevent overheating of sensitive electronics and machinery.
  • Maintaining controlled environments in various parts of the vessel, such as control rooms, living quarters, and storage areas, is crucial.
  • Effective Air Conditioning ensures that these areas are kept at optimal conditions, protecting equipment and supplies from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Design challenges within the Marine sector:

  • Boats often operate on a 60Hz supply (unlike the 50Hz used onshore), which means selecting appropriate equipment.
  • Water-cooled condensers present additional challenges, since boats can be in either hot or cold water as they travel around the world.
  • The small available space on boats requires us to be creative with equipment selection and placement.
  • Sea air contains a lot of salt, causing premature corrosion of unit coils. To combat this, we apply special protective coatings such as Bronz-Glow or Blygold to prolong their life.
  • Some decks are ATEX-rated, so we've installed specially adapted air conditioning units that enclose all potential ignition sources (sparks), which is crucial on a gas rig.

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